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Best Apps for Holiday Photos

Holiday pictures can help bring back amazing memories for years to come, whether your snaps include spectacular sunsets or family skiing sessions. These days, you don’t even need a super duper camera to take great holiday pictures – simply grab your phone and choose from these ten great holiday photography apps!


Piclab is a photography app that will make you smile. As well as incorporating basic editing controls alongside a range of attractive filters, Piclab also allows users to layer text. With a huge range of trendy typography to choose from, you can add anything from inspiring quotes to a snappy phrase to your images. A great choice for those with serious wanderlust.


One for fans of a good holiday selfie, Facetune offers a simple way to fine-tune your pictures and hide anything you aren’t happy with. Whether the sun has brought out some blemishes, those late nights of après-ski have induced dark circles or you’d just like your eyes to have a bit more sparkle, it can all be done using this nifty app.


Vapp was made for ski holidays. This voice activated camera app means that whether you’re fully kitted out with ski gloves, or you can’t face getting your mitts out when snapping, your camera will still be able to capture your best moments in the snow. Simply record your voice trigger level and Vapp will be on hand to take the most picturesque snaps of dreamy scenes.

Adobe Express Photoshop

If you’re a photography whizz who wants a break from a bulky camera and the time-consuming editing process, take your phone on your travels and get involved with Adobe Photoshop Express. Remove red-eye, sharpen snaps and more, all with the swipe of a

slide-bar. It’s slightly more complicated than other apps, but will see you through your adventure from beginning to end.


If you scroll through Instagram and admire those moody, raw-looking shots of exotic landscapes and bustling cities, you’ll love VSCO Cam. More experienced photographers will benefit from in-camera controls such as shutter speed and white balance, while even novices will get the hang of the app’s editing software. Alter your exposure, contrast and more, and experiment with the range of vintage-inspired filters for serious cool-credentials.

 DMD Panorama

Sometimes a foreign landscape is just too breath taking, and just a snapshot of it won’t do. This is where DMD Panorama comes in, an app that takes high definition, panoramic pictures with an easy-to-use interface. Simply tap ‘create’, hold your phone vertically, and create your panorama, snap by snap. Perfect for travellers adventuring across the rugged landscapes of Iceland or the mountains of the Alps.

Sun Seeker

Too much shadow or glare can ruin an otherwise beautiful holiday picture! This is where Sun Seeker comes in. An augmented reality app, simply fire it up, direct your phone towards the area you wish to photograph, and you’ll be shown the sun’s daily path, where it will be positioned in the sky at hourly intervals, and its rise and set times.


Anyone who is wary of photo editing apps can put their minds at ease with Snapseed, a winner of not one, but two awards! Snapseed bagged ‘iPad App of the Year 2011’ from Apple and ‘2012 Best Mobile Photo App’ from the Technical Image Press Association, thanks to its exhaustive editing capabilities. From exposure and contrast to saturation and cropping, you can fine-tune every little detail.


 Longing to give a retro spark to your holiday snaps? Hipstamatic offers users an array of film camera-inspired filters to help bring their pictures to life. Enhance a sunset shot with a burnt-out effect, or add an orange tone to a beach scene to make it even more enticing. With simple social media links, it’s never been easier to turn your friends back home green with envy.


With Instagram, taking spectacular holiday snaps has never been easier. Whether you shoot through the app or upload your picture after a stint on the beach, you can not only choose from a large selection of filters, but edit things like the brightness and sharpness of your image. From enhancing the colours of buildings to giving a Greek fishing village a vintage-feel, it’s hard to go wrong.

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